What we do

We are a boutique technology consultancy & software company specialising in continuous & reliable delivery of digital transformation

Continuous Delivery
83% of larger IT projects fail. 58% of small projects succeed. A short feedback cycle is a key driver of delivery success. Shorten the loop, improve your chances of success and a Return On Investment with Continuous Delivery.
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Functional Programming
The complexity of software is exploding and with it, the number of defects that could adversely affect your business. Functional Programming allows us to write more reliable software, faster, while leveraging modern hardware.
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Regulatory Technology
CDD Hub is our best-in-class KYC, AML & compliance workflow/case management software suite for financial intermediaries. Reduce clients lost during onboarding. Improve compliance controls.
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Client results

350% Increase in onboarded legal entities

Transformed Corporate banking KYC programme through digitalisation.

Cost reduction of 88% on digital transformation programme

Replaced a failing offshore development programme with a small team of experts.

HNWI onboarding down from 2 months to 2 days

Reduced the average onboarding time for a Private Banks HNWI clients dramatically.

Release cycle down from every 6 months, to several times a day

Reengineered the software release process & technology for a big bank to enable fast iteration and true Business Agility.

About us

We are a company based in the beautiful canton Zug, Switzerland.
This is our management team.

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