Understanding topics: Data Mesh

This month we wanted to try something different. Blog posts are a good way to communicate ideas and share knowledge. But there is an inherent limitation on how much you can say in one before it becomes hard to follow.

We wanted to talk about Data Mesh, a subject of interest for many companies and specially those in the midst of a Digital Transformation. But we felt a single post was not detailed enough.

So we decided to create a few posts, including a set of resources, to help you understand the concept of Data Mesh and how it can help your organisation:

  1. Data Mesh and Data Fabric, key ideas and analysis
  2. Data Mesh, other resources of interest
  3. Opinion: Data Mesh, Team Topologies and the convergence of ideas

Please let us know what do you think about this format and, of course, the content. Suggestions for any future deep-dive that would be of interest are welcome.

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