Serverless & Cloud Native experts

We bring together the expertise required to help your organisation supercharge its ability to deliver technology & insight that wins in the marketplace.

Serverless brings the potential to reduce operational costs & complexity, increase the velocity of development and adapt quicker to changing requirements and market circumstances.
With our experience, we can help you realise this potential while avoiding the pitfalls of being an early adopter.
Cloud Native
Cloud Native is much more than Docker & Kubernetes: it is also a set of practices enabled by technology.
DevOps, NoOps, GitOps, CI, CD? Let us help you make sense of the landscape and adopt the right tools & practices for your organisation.
Data Engineering
The world moves fast and so should your business. To do so, you need to connect your systems and have accurate, real-time data & analytics.
With our help, you can start building a competitive knowledge advantage.

Our services

Here is a selection of what we can do for you.
To understand how, check out our process in the next section.

CI/CD & GitOps pipeline

Deployment frequency is a key indicator of software delivery performance. Reduce risk, amplify feedback loops & realise value faster.

Cloud bootstrap

Need help moving to the cloud, or navigate the landscape? Should you use Kubernetes? Nomad? Serverless? Something else? We can help you decide and get going.

Real-time enablement

Do you want to move from a world of batch processing to one of real-time stream processing? We can support your journey.

From idea to MVP

Do you have an initiative that needs to get to market fast? Let us help you go from zero to Minimum Viable Product to prove your concept.

Full product or change delivery

If you need an entire product/project delivered, we can put together an expert team to make it happen. Typically, we will help you get going, get it delivered, but also help you build up your internal capability to continue improving long after we have left.

Delivery enhancement

If you have an existing delivery that requires improvement, trouble-shooting or just an extra pair of expert hands, we can help you.
We hold the appropriate Swiss staff lending license to ensure compliance regardless of the form of engagement.

Our process

High impact, low-risk initial engagement

We understand seeking outside help can be risky. We like to start with an initial sprint of 2-4 weeks, to achieve a high-impact quick win, and build mutual trust. Then we can see if it suits both parties to keep building on the initial results.

Exit-plan before we start

Many professional services firms cling on to engagements past their sell-by-date.
Let's talk about what success looks like up-front, so we have a common exit plan. After a successful exit, there may be other areas we can grow our relationship.

Strategy + implementation

Consultancies often do either strategy or implementation. They leave when it's time for the real work to begin, or join to take orders when the strategy is set.
We deliver results by marrying strategy & implementation, continuously adapting both to what we learn together.

Client results

Cost reduction of 88% on digital transformation programme

Replaced a failing offshore development programme with a small team of experts.

350% Increase in onboarded legal entities

Transformed Corporate banking KYC programme through digitalisation.

Release cycle down from every 6 months, to several times a day

Reengineered the release process for a big bank to enable fast iteration & delivery.

HNWI onboarding down from 2 months to 2 days

Reduced the average onboarding time for a Private Banks HNWI clients dramatically.

About us

Chaordic is a global company with an international mindset headquartered in the beautiful canton Zug, Switzerland.
This is our management team.

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