Compliance as an engine of growth

12.7% of potential private banking client relationships are lost or delayed during onboarding.
This is only one example of where the client experience can suffer and consequently, your sales funnel could be leaking potential new clients.
In an environment where Net New Assets are increasingly hard to acquire, every prospect counts.

Furthermore, margins are under pressure and compliance costs are growing at 12% a year in financial services with 74% being labour related.

Rising costs and growing expectations make it a business imperative to optimise your client acquisition approach and holistically view client experience, compliance & internal processes as one. Apple, Facebook, Google and other technology companies have raised the bar of what clients expect, even for banking.

How we can help

Crafting a compliant client journey people will love

We can help you digitalise your client experience and optimise internal processes with our low-risk, incremental approach that minimises capital costs. Clients will love it, and so will your employees as they are free to focus on their core competencies: providing superior advise to your clients.

We are able to do this by combining off-the-shelf tools & software with consulting that draws on our extensive experience in finance, ensuring low-risk delivery & change.

Some potential results we can help you achieve are:

Benefits & Outcomes
Increase prospect to client conversion
  • Engage clients & convert more early meetings into relationships
  • Reduce lost clients during KYC & Onboarding
Improved client experience
  • Reduce time to onboard
  • Eliminate additional information requests & get onboarding right first time, even in cases of foreign UHNWI clients using complex SPV structures to invest
  • Re-use data where client or counterparty data already exists
Operational efficiencies
  • Automate AML risk & cross-border tax classifications (FATCA & CRS)
  • Eliminate delays due to Enhanced Due Diligence for High Risk clients with progressive, real-time escalation
  • Scales from low-risk individuals to complex, high-risk, multi-jurisdictional legal entities
Reduced regulatory risk & cost
  • Not just KYC, but Know Your Client-base: risk profile of your client population & geographic distribution
  • Reduced cost of regulatory change management with sophisticated regulatory rules engine and shared cost through community

Our Client Due Diligence Hub (CDD Hub) software provides many of these benefits out of the box, with a digital process & journey for clients Relationship Managers & Compliance staff. The journey covers you from initial meeting, via KYC & onboarding to ongoing compliance & regulatory reporting during the client relationship. For a list of the compliance tasks CDD Hub covers, click here

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