Onboarding in an time of increasing regulatory burdens is not straightforward. It can be a difficult experience for Relationship Managers, Clients and Compliance professionals.

It is not uncommon for clients to get contacted repeatedly for more information during the onboarding process.
The average onboarding time for HNWIs in the industry is 2 months, costing an average 6000USD. This is leads to a quarter of prospective clients abandoning the process in frustration.

How we can help

Our software guides a relationship manager through the onboarding process, ensuring all circumstances & related parties get captured. This is especially helpful in cases where clients use complex wealth management structures.
The captured data as input produces an accurate set of information and checks required for a clients, in line with a risk-based approach and the level of complexity a client presents.

In most cases, onboarding can be done in a single session with the client. We also support tablets, so relationship managers on the go can travel lightly.

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