Functional Programming

The size & complexity of software is exploding, with it, the number of defects that can endanger your business or operations are rising too. Additionally, between 40-60% of ongoing software spending is maintenance costs. Functional Programming is an approach rooted in mathematics that allows us to systematically reduce complexity, improve our ability to reason about individual parts of a system. This results in fewer defects, increased developer productivity and most importantly, reduced time spent on software maintenance. Finally, Functional Programming also allows you to better leverage modern multicore hardware than traditional approaches.
You can achieve a lot more, with a lot less.

How we can help

We adopted Functional Programming early, beginning with Scala over ten years ago. Since, we have trained & mentored many teams of developers while delivering complex projects. If you need delivery of a specific project, training of developers, help troubleshooting or an architectural review, contact us.



OCaml, ReasonML & ReasonReact



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